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Ryder is complete in ALL ground work and will walk through hanging police flagging, over tarps, trailer loads and will walk over a rocking bridge.  He is fantastic in the round pen and is pretty good with trimming his hooves, but when they got him he wasn't.  He needs more time tying, but he is ok at it right now.  All his training has been by a professional trainer.​


These are pictures of her when she was younger.

Bizzy has had some professional training and she  works great in the round pen and has done tons of ground work.  She has also done fence work and she will side pass over to the fence, she has been sat on bareback and has also had a saddle on.  Social as she is she will meet you at the gate to be haltered, trailer loads, trims well and has been started tying.   Sounds to me like she has been given an excellent job of training for all the good basics and that she should be ready to go in any direction from this point.

My heart has gone out to these two and I want to help the family.  They have tried to find homes for them already and have gotten no where which is why they called us.

Once here we will finish the training needed to get them good (screened) adoptive homes and we will follow them throughout the rest of their lives like we are doing for the other horses that have been adopted through us.

As with all of our rescued horses I will do their dentistry www.whyfloatteeth.com , give them any needed vaccines, de-wormer, or other health needs before adopting them out.  However anyone interested in adopting them can contact us now to discuss it christine@gentledmustangs.com.

If you would like to give a Gift to the care of either of those two it would be much appreciated and can be done through the donate button below.  $5 is enough to buy de-wormer, $10 fly spray, $15 fly mask, $20 halter, $30 hoof trim, etc.  We will provide all of these things for both horses, but a little extra financial gift here and there always helps.

I will post updates as soon as we are on the road to get them.

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Before gelding Ryder though, they bred him to one of the family's saddle mustangs and in May of 2007, Bizzy their filly was born.  She loves attention and has a great attitude.

Bizzy's color is a non-typical bay dun.  With her fathers red influence she has a brick colored dorsal stripe instead of brown along with leg strips and faint cob webbing on her forehead.  She also has a beautiful thick mane and tail that is down to the ground.  If she keeps growing she will be a bit over 15 hands high.

This is Bizzy:

I am sure you see the resemblence to Manzanita and since there is a 3 year difference in age it could be possible.  Ryder's DNA has been tested for the Old World Markers and he has all the Dun markers except the herringbone stripe (along the dorsal stripe).   Ryder is 15 hands high.

Ryder was a stallion when the family got him, underweight and not in very good shape.  He was so gentle and social he was pastured with john mules.  Since gelding him in 2006 he's been pastured on about 10 acres with both john & molly mules that were used as part of the family business. ​

Help Ryder and Bizzy

Update on Donations for Ryder & Bizzy

May 2, 2010

Donations in the amount of $635 have been received for the transportation to get Red Ryder and Bizzy from the far NE corner of CA to our facility in Ramona (San Diego) CA.  Thanks go to: Peggy, Darcy, Julie, Glenda, Deb, Joan, Christine (Gentle Giants Draft Rescue) Theresa, Patty, Sharon and Catherine - your generosity is very heartwarming.

Ryder and Bizzy's family are having to move out of state and can't take the mustangs with them.   These are Carter Reservior Mustangs - just like Manzanita, Bella, Shelby, Gypsy and Smudge and we want to help the family and the horses by brining them here so we can find great adoptive homes for these two.

Ryder was a weanling when his herd was gathered from the Carter Reservoir HMA so we are lucking that he survived.  The group gathered from the Carter HMA in the fall of 2009 were not that lucky as all came down with bad strangles and many have since died.  Much like those from Cloud's herd have gotten sick and died.

Red Ryder