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He hadn't put on weight at this point, but he was visably getting stronger and feeling better.  His hair was also starting to grow back in.  The storm lasted for over a week.

I have had plenty of time to observe him and one of the things I noticed from day one was when he ate food fell out of his mouth and he had to open his jaw unusually far to chew his food.  Even when he was eating his pellets.  As and equine dental technician I have not worked on a horse this young but a quick look in his mouth indicated his table angles on his molars was steep actually causing his mouth to open wide while chewing.

On Feb. 19, 2010, Dr. Lisa Grim came up and helped me do his dentistry and even at his young age, which based on all the teeth he has so far we put at almost six months - he had sharp enamel points on his molars which were causing the sharp table angle and making his mouth open wider than necessary to chew his food.   Here are pictures of his dentistry.


I am pleased to say that he now eats normally and have a picture of him enjoying his hay with his Uncle Charlie.   We will keep you updated on how Prince William is doing and post pictures too.   Most of this will be through the blog at the above link so sign up to get email notifications from the blog site.

This turned out to be a very cold winter storm with lots of rain and also snow in our local mountains - within miles of our ranch.

We were glad to have the blanket, shelter and that he his recovery has been good enough that he didn't get sick again which was a very big concern. I have been diligent getting him his Rose Hips, Llysine, Probiotics and microbials along with his daily servings of Stradegy.

With a huge winter storm approaching we were able to get him a blanket since we were using a foal blanket that wasn't long enough to cover his hind end.  We set a stall up for him in the brown barn you see in the above picture and made it big enough so we could put Charlie - rescued Spotted Saddle horse - in with him so he wouldn't be lonely.  We tried putting Jet in with him, but Jet preferred to be outside with the other horses.  It took a lot of looking to find a blanket for him and it had to be ordered on line, but it has room to grow so it will work for him the rest of this winter and hopefully next year too.

Being so young Dr. Fletcher limited her adjustments to those he needed immediately and will come back in the near future to readjust him.  His neck, spine and hips were all out fo adjustment which could have been caused at birth, during the long trailer ride from Missouri to California or from the extreme jerk on his halter that caused the dislocation to his jaw - TMJ area.

We got lucky with some days in the upper 70's and took that opportunity to give him a bath - well three washings and a good conditioning to help get rid of the dandruff, dirt, loose hair and used a microbial to help if there was any areas of rain rot or other fungus or bacteria in his coat.  We used warm water and he stood calmly and even let us clean all four of his feet too.  No fuss no muss.


William was found at a ranch in the Modesto, CA area on a cold day in December 2009, emaciated and barely able to stand.   A call to the local Animal Control got the owner to relinquish him to Zen Equine Rescue of Central CA (ZERCCA) and he was immediately take to Pioneer Equine Hospital (www.pioneerequine.com ) in Oakdale.

His diagnosis was emaciation, anemia, upper respiratory infection, he had a fever and runny nose, parasites, rough hair coat with patches of hair missing (alopecia) all over his body some areas with scabs.  He was prescribed medication, worming, and quaratine for 3 - 4 weeks, good forage and Purina Stradegy.  They put this little ones age at approximately four months old.

What ZERRCA found out from the ranch owner is heartbreaking. This baby was weaned from his mother at just one month old then shipped from Missouri to central California with a load of horses weeks later.  The ranch owner had no idea the colt was in the trailer with the horses he purchased and since he was weaned, he put him out in the pasture with the adult horses and left him to fend for himself.  Skin and bones the ranch owner didn't think there was anything wrong with him.  Thank the Lord that they found him one day just driving past the ranch and stepped in to rescue him.

After the loss of Dr. Bill in September of 2009, Lary and I both had emptiness in our hearts for the young one that we lost.   We had gone to ZERCCA to pick up a TWH that needed a home.  While there we were visiting a few of the foster facilities for ZERCCA and while we were looking at and hearing Williams story our eyes met and we both smiled and looked at John and told him we would bring him to our place for the rest of his rehabilitation.

And so his story continues.  While at ZERCCA we had the pleasure of meeting Poppy Phillips, a Kinesiologist who did a scan of William which gave us some more insight to this little colt.  Poppy warned us that his health was still critical and that he was not out of the woods yet.  Also at some point his halter had been yanked really hard and had dislocated jaw causing him pain.  Not only was the dislocation causing him pain while eating, he had ulcers, like cold sores, all over the inside of his lips and gums that were bleeding everytime he ate.  We were give a list of herbs and supplements to help build his immune system and health back.

On January 1, 2010, William woke up in his new home.  He made the trip from the Modesto area to Ramona with no problems and had buddied up with Prides Double Jet (Jet) a Tennessee Walking Horse we were also bringing to our rescue from ZERRCA - they were so cute together.  Jet is almost 17hh and Wm is just over 10hh.  Both of them would settle in together in a pasture with room to run and stretch their legs.  (As of Nov. 2010, Jet was adopted and currently resides in Bonita, CA with his owner Justin).

After seeing my post on Facebook about Wm, Dr. Dawn Fletcher of Medicine Hat Animal Chiropractic (www.phsosc.webs.com) offered to come look at him and do needed adjustments so the pain in his jaw would be relieved so he could chew better.  Just as we did, Dawn and her husband Clint fell in love with Wm.

What a difference a year makes.

He is growing into a nice yearling with a vibrant personality. I can't tell you how much pleasure this guys brings us all.  From deaths door step he is truly blossoming. Read below to see his entire story. Christine 1-1-11

He is been in quarantine since 12/3/09 when he was rescued by Zen Equine Rescue of Central CA and taken directly to Pioneer Equine Hospital.

12-30-09 we picked Wm up from his quarantine foster family, brought him to ZERCCA overnight for our trip back to San Diego.

Prince William

The emaciated Paso Fino foal