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December 2010

This guy has had kind of a rough go of it through his lifetime.  Originally gathered from the Carter Reservoir the same time that Manzanita, Red Ryder, Shelby, Bella, Gypsy and Smudge were taken off the beautiful range up on the northern California, Nevada border in August of 2003.  He was adopted the same time, but the same family that adopted Manzanita from the BLM adoption in Descanso, CA in 2004.

After I rescued Manzanita from a nut case in 2007, I learned that she had gotten rid of his pasture mate and that he had probably been abandoned at a boarding facility in Lakeside, CA.  I was a BLM volunteer at the time, but the BLM couldn't remember exactly what boarding facility he had been left at and since he was titled, he was no longer under their jurisdiction.

Amazingly enough I first saw Coffee one day when I was doing dentistry on some horses in Lakeside and a discussion came up about this mustang that had been left there. I knew instantly that he was the horse that had lived with Manzanita for 3 years.  All the bits and pieces of what I had learned and they had learned about him added up to just that.

I had been told that there were times the original adopter's husband and his buddies would get drunk and try to ride these two - though they had never been trained.  They both suffered ill effects from it too.  It was obvious with Coffee because he was withdrawn in his stall, cautious and almost unapproachable.  My heart went out to him and I have stayed in touch with the facility from time to time to see how he was doing.

On May 22, 2012, Coffee was delivered to his forever home north of Bishop, CA. He is joining the herd of geldings at the Stinking Rose Ranch - Eastern Sierra Equine Rescue where Debra and Troy have plenty of room for them to roam. Located between the eastern Sierra and western White mountains (shown in the background) he fit right in with the rest of the guys on the ranch. With a permanent injury making Coffee not able to sustain the weight of a rider, this guy needed a place where just hanging out was ok.

We would like to thank Dawn Fletcher, Clint Richards, Rachel Dunhoff and family, Cheryl Dollick and family for helping support, care or foster Coffee over the last 18 months. We couldn't have done it without you.

We would still like to help support his needs by sending funds for hay, trims, etc. as they are donated  If you would like to help support Coffee please designate a donation for him and we will forward it to Debra.

All donations for his continued care are SO greatly appreciated 
and 100% will be used for him only. 

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​That was three years ago and at the time he was getting some training from the on-site trainers.  But they moved on and others tried to give him some time, but nothing consistent.  A little over a year ago a nice lady named Estee volunteered to work with him and made some great strides, but was never in a position to afford him full-time.

Last December I got and email asking if I could find a home for him because the facility was no longer able to afford him (and a few other horses whose owners were struggling to pay their board), nor could Estee.  While everyone loved him there and Esther and her husband (O&R Boarding at SunBar Ranch) had taken wonderful care of him for the last three years, it was just time for him to find a permanent home.

I contacted the rescue that Shelby, Gypsy and Smudge went to, where Bella and the neighbors two mustangs went, and a few other mustang rescues and no one had room for him.  Too many horses needing to be saved.

I finally mentioned him to Manzanita's owners and they offered to go look at him with me.  So a few weeks ago we made the drive and just like me, they could instantly see the resemblance to Manzanita.  Not so much in color because Manzanita is a red Dun, but in demeanor, build and the gentle eye.  Dawn and Clint offered to sponsor him if he could come to our place while we worked together to find Coffee an adopter.  So today I had the opportunity to go get him.

Our first step with him will be to assess him physically for any signs of pain, teeth, chiropractic and body work.  Then some round pen work with and without a saddle and then with a rider.  He has been ridden, but not on a consistent basis.  We want to know exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are so the right adopter can be found for him.

I want to thank Esther, Estee and everyone at O&R that has watched over this guy for the last three years.  He is no longer that cowering horse I saw three years ago and I know he will be missed by many (we are right in Ramona, so please come visit).

With Manzanita and Red Ryder gone, I am tickled to have another Carter gelding here at the ranch.  Stay tuned for updates as we go through his assessments.  If you have interest in adopting him, please give me a call or shoot me an email.

March 1, 2011 Update

Our initial assessment has found that Coffee has a permanent injury to his stifle area on his right hind leg, which causes it to drift a little when he is exerting himself after a while.  This sort of injury would prohibit him to carry weight so we feel that riding - even from a light person - is probably out of the question and probably explains a few issues he has had in the past under saddle.  It is just painful to have weight on his back.

What I have observed watching him in the pasture is that he seems to be totally fine until he starts feeling his oats (so to say) and starts running and kicking his heels up with the rest of the horses, then after his right hind leg will trail a little as he walks for a while and then he is fine again.

The perfect adopter would be someone who enjoys a gentle souled horse that makes a wonderful companion.  He has good manners, likes some people time and isn't barn sour, is a little shy till he gets to know you and is a VERY easy keeper.  No special meds are needed for his condition and he should live a long and healthy life.  He just can't be ridden.

In a herd, he is definitely not a dominant horse, but he is no wallflower either.  He blended into our herd of 12 with no fuss, no muss.

So if you or someone you know can provide him a good long-term home for the sweet guy, please give me call or send me an email.

If you would like to donate to help pay for his health upkeep (foot trims, vaccines, dental, etc.)

DONATIONS can be made through PayPal using email address

Thank you!