If you are looking for a project horse that has been started, has a LOT of athletic ability, is a very willing learner that loves spending time with people and gets along well with other horses, she is the horse for you.  She trailers, ties, stands for a bath and grooming, saddles with no fuss, not spooky, up to date on vaccines, de-worming and complete dentistry.

Adoption Fee $900  to an approved home and we will consider taking payments.  We may consider a feed-lease under the right circumstances.

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As you can see from the picture below, she went out on trail with a halter and reins. That is how easy going this filly is. Tabi (pictured below) had about 6 rides on her in the arena and yard, and then didn't work with her for two months when they went on this trail ride. After two months of not working, Chance tacked up and went out, no fuss, no muss.

Chance has come a long way since then and is now ready for a good forever home where she will continue to get the love she has had since birth.  Handled since birth, she loves people and isn't barn sour at all, in fact she loves people and enjoys grooming, training, riding - whatever you want to do.   Here is a picture of her on her first long trail ride earlier this year...

Adoption fee $900 (will consider payments) or Feed Lease.

In the spring of 2008, Saving Horses Inc., rescued a pregnant mare from a slaughter bound feed-lot in southern California. We made a home for her and called her Sugar and with some healthy groceries and good care she gave birth to a beautiful foal we called "Chance" on June 4, 2008.

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She's a beautiful golden roan with flaxen coloring in her mane and tail (see the picture below).  It is hard to see the roaning in these pictures, but she sparkles in the sun as it reflects off the silver hairs.  At three years old, she stands at 15.0 hand high and is still growing.  We expect her to reach 15.2 - 16hh at maturity - which would be the height of her mother.

Here is what Tabi reported to me after having her in training for 30 days...  She is a very willing filly that has a lot of try in her.  She will make a great trail horse, gymkhana, or fabulous on cows - she has that eye and she's fast.   Steady, confident and easy to work with.  Tabi was on her bareback in two days and with the saddle the first week.


Foaled 6-4-08

Jan. 2012.

What a great birthday present from her parents Chance was for Kathrine.  After watching Chance grow up as she has ridden past our ranch over the last three years, this young lady was ecstatic that Chance was now available for adoption and ready to ride.    A perfect match.


Chance has 120 days training with Tabi of TG Performance Horses at Oceanside Equestrian Facility at the Sky Dance Ranch.  She recently returned to Ramona and is currently being ridden on trail as often as we can get her out.   She is a grade horse, probably quarter horse with perhaps some Azteca (spanish) based on her conformation and smooth gaits.

"No Muss, No Fuss horse! "She is a perfect project horse, especially for a confident young adult/adult that wants to train a horse their way. She has a solid start, is an easy and willing learn and loves a job and working rather than being with other horses. Athletic, she works animals well, has stamina for endurance, wonderful gaits and will probably excel at anything she is trained to do."

YouTube Video made after 3 weeks of training.