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red influence she has a brick colored dorsal stripe instead of brown along with leg strips and faint cob webbing on her forehead.  She also has a beautiful thick mane and tail that is down to the ground.  If she keeps growing she will be a bit over 15 hands high.​

Bizzy's color is a non-typical bay dun.  With her fathers (also pictured)​

Bizzy the Carter Mustang

12-23-11 Bizzy moved to her new foster/adoptive home in Escondido with Ted and his family. She was out on trail the next day and has been going on long trail rides with Ted a couple times a week. She is loves having a job and being the center of his attention.

11-1-11 Bizzy is available for adoption. She has some under saddle time and spent 30 days at TG Performance Horses training with Tabi.

Foaled in 2007, she stands at 14.3 hands high and has the typical solid build of a Carter Reservoir mustang. Born domestically, she has been handed since birth and never had harsh treatment of any kind.  Bizzy is honest and loves people.  She gets along well with other horses and has no vices.  Her health is excellent and she is up to date on vaccines, barefoot trims and complete dentistry (not just a float).

Carter Mustangs have Spanish ancestry and her gaits are butter smooth because of it.

6-6-11  In training at TG Performance Horses at Sky Dance Ranch in Oceanside 

January 2011, one of our volunteers (Mike) has started Bizzy's saddle work.  Tabi (one of our trainers) did some bareback work with Bizzy and we got to watch how easily she let someone on her back and work moving around the round pen.  I suspect by she will be out on trail in the next month our two.  It is a pleasure to watch Mike  work with her.

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This is Bizzy as a yearling:​