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Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc.​​ Horse and Donkey rescue

Loving Care For all Equine In Need!

Our Mission

Providing loving rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care for equine with medical needs

and finding homes or sanctuary for others at risk. 

About us...2006 to now:

Times have certainly changed what we set out to do with equine.  After adopting our first BLM mustang in 2006 and spending a year as a BLM Wild Horse and Burro volunteer in San Diego County, I became a TIP's (Trainer Incentive Program) trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation to help promote the adoption of BLM Mustangs by gentling and then adopting out one mustang at a time.

In October, 2007, the Witch Creek fire burned much of San Diego county, including many ranches and homes in our town of Ramona.  That changed everything.  As a family we stepped in to help horses of all breeds needing new homes for families who lost theirs.  We also learned about horse slaughter and started saving horses from kill-buyers and auctions, then finding good adoptive homes for them.

In 2008, the economy hit horse owners hard and still continues.  Knowing of our ability to find good homes for horses, we started to get calls from people losing their homes, or desperately trying to hang on to them and needing to give up their horses.  Heart-wrenching as it is to lose everything, knowing that your horses are going to loving homes makes a huge difference.

In 2011, hay prices sky-rocketed. We could no longer afford to house horses at our ranch while helping find new homes for them. We started to create a wonderful network of loving horse owners and other rescues to help us find homes.

Our 501c3 non-profit status was effective July 1, 2011. Unlike the prior five years where, as a private rescue, we paid the bills out of our own pockets, Equine WellBeing Rescue is a nonprofit corporation that can accept the donations of people and businesses who support our mission and what we do.  All donations received are deeply appreciated and will help us help more horses from abuse, neglect or other situations of need. Whether financial or goods or services, your donations to the rescue are tax-deductible.   

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In late 2012, my husband accepted a position for a company in Arizona and in 2013, we purchased a 20 acre ranch in Snowflake, AZ.  The cost of living is more affordable and allows me to dedicate myself full-time to the needs of the rescues horses without taking any salary.   We maintain our status with the CA Registry of Charitable Trusts.

In 2015, we rescued our first donkey and have rescued many since.  GuideStar also awarded us GOLD Participant status. 

In 2016, we helped in the rescue of 24 donkeys and 29 mini donkeys, only two of those remain at the rescue as permanent residents with Ricci and Ramey. We took in five emaciation cases and helped 15 other horses for a total of 74 intakes, 51 adoptions or fosters and 14 going to a fellow rescue. At year end we had 20 on-site and one in training off-site.

In 2017 we rescue our first mules and mini mules, all having found wonderful homes. We also created Hope's Legacy Emergency Equine Food Fund after the starvation deaths of two local horses.  Click here for more information .  For the 5th year in a row are  "Top-Rated", by Great NonProfits.  

I am a vet tech with additional equine certification through the American Association of Equine Vet Techs (AAEVT), a sister organization to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).  I am able to give each horse brought to the ranch a thorough intake exam and, if tests are needed, a veterinary exam is scheduled. We follow the equine rescue standards of the AAEP and for emaciated horses we follow the refeeding guidelines from UC Davis and have great relationships with veterinarians throughout many states where we rescue, have fosters and adopters. 

We have built working relationships with equine rescues and organizations throughout the country in an effort to deal with the unwanted horse issues we are all facing.  I don't like the term "unwanted" because, in many cases, the horses are wanted but the families are unable to provide for them due to the economy and other personal situations.

If you can volunteer your time or your services to help the rescue at our Snowflake facility, it is greatly appreciated by us and the horses.  It is also great opportunity for people to spend time with horses that truly enjoy a gentle hand and kind heart.  Foster homes are also needed from time to time. If you would like to help the rescue please contact me at (760) 703-4860 or email: Christine@EquineWellBeing.com.

Horse rescue requires such a huge team effort from caring people who contribute in so many different ways.  We welcome you to be part of our team and thank you so very much for your love of horses and support. 

Christine Griffin, Founder & President

Board Members:

Christine Griffin

Lyn Montgomery

Karen Ayres

Special Thanks to:

Lary Griffin, Co-founder, ranch maintenance, horse care provider, transport and so very much more.